Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I guess i need one of these after all. It will be nice, a place to share what is going on in my scrapping life. I'll post exciting news, tips, and share my latest creations.

First off, i woke up this morning to check Kate Hadfield's Blog and she has a link to mine in her Useful Links. That is pretty exciting. I almost feel like i am being featured on the today show.

Matt Lauer: Joining us today we have Heather Hess, creator of Heather welcome.
Me: Thanks Matt, it's great to be here.
Matt: Whose idea was it to create Cornbread Cupcakes?
Me: Well, I was wanting to create something for my awesome customers since there are really no resources for them anywhere else.
Matt: I have to ask, where did this name come from?
Me: We were having a dinner party at a friend's house. She had made cornbread muffins, and after i placed my butter on it, it looked more like a cupcake than cornbread. There is nothing wrong with butter!
Matt: No one can argue with that. We will be back in a few.

Ok, maybe not quite like that... but it is still super exciting!

That should be all for now, after learning some ups and downs this weekend from a whole bunch of trial and error. I'm not sure what it will be exactly, i am still moving around a couple ideas in my head. But! I have made a grid to write some alpha in so hopefully they will all come out the same size. I'll post more updates about it as soon as i get something exciting. Hopefully i can finish a set today since i will be at school and can use the super nice scanner.

Till next time,

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